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2013 is Knocking at Your Door! Is Your Plan Ready?

For many restorers, this time of year can be one that is of reflection and looking towards next year to achieve either bigger goals or reach the goals that were not quite attained this year.

With any goals or milestones, it’s not surprising that you should have a road map of how to get there. It is surprising that while many restoration contractors might have written a business plan at one point to satisfy a financial requirement such as a loan, a marketing & sales plan in many instances has never been created! Without a marketing plan, your marketing strategies might be falling short of being effective in your marketplace.

And as your company grows, your marketing plan and strategies within that plan must differentiate you from “all those other contractors” and constantly align with the needs and goals of your company as the inevitable “dips” in business are to occur. Planning can be painstaking, but well worth the benefits of an effective, efficient and organized strategic approach to building your company. Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

So, when 2013 comes knocking at your door, will you have your marketing and sales plan in place that will allow your to prepare for success, or will a lack of planning leave you at the end of another year saying, “Why didn’t I reach my goals again this year?”

To read more about the value and creation of a marketing plan for restoration contractors, along with other valuable tips for effective marketing planning, click here!

Are you looking to effectively market your company and stand out from every other contractor in your marketplace? Visit or call 773-777-9956 for more information on how BDA can help you prepare for predictable growth and success of your company!

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