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Why Be Different?

What is different about your company in the eyes of the people that you are trying to sell to? This is a crucial and fundamental element of your marketing plan, and yet most restorers give almost zero thought to it.

How do I know this?

Because all of their salespeople sound the same. They always talk about their company and how great they are. They always hit the same points. They always say the same thing. It doesn’t matter who they are talking to. Policyholder, agent, adjuster, real estate agent, hygienist, plumber – there’s no difference.

Given that most restorers’ targets are already using another restorer, not demonstrating a difference translates as, “Well, no reason to make a switch here.”

And, in the wonderful situation where there is no “incumbent supplier” (meaning no competitor) this same “me, me, me” talk gives the prospect no reason to consider working with a new restorer.

So a successful sale starts with being different. That’s why discovering, understanding and articulating that difference is the first thing we do when we start working with a restorer.

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