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But I Hired a Consultant!

One of the things that drives us consultant’s crazy is the expectation on the part of the business owners that hired us that their problems will now magically go away with even less involvement on their part if at all possible.

It appears to me that the one constant of running a business is that you are always solving problems.

The big question is are your problems evolving into higher level challenges as the business grows and evolves or are you wrestling with the same problems over and over again?

The point is that when you hire consultant’s you’re their knowledge and experience working with companies like yours. You may be gaining access to proprietary systems, processes and information. You may be paying for their coaching and support of your personal and professional development.

But much like hiring a personal trainer, you don’t hire them to get in shape for you, you hire them to help you get in shape.

Owner abdication during a consulting project is a maddening and all too frequent problem that undermines the potential life-changing success of many important projects.

If you’re thinking about hiring a consultant—be honest with yourself. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and solve this problem once and for all?

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