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Are You Helping Your Agents Communicate Value?

As I was driving to the office the other day, I heard a radio ad for an online insurance retailer that boasted, “Technology when you want it. People when you don’t.” It seems as if online insurers are starting to realize what we’ve been preaching for some time now: there are a lot of claims that can’t be addressed properly by call centers and computers alone.

As we become more and more engaged in an app driven, instant gratification model of life, it’s easy to forget that the actual experience of filing and settling a claim is not always an easy one. More often than not, it requires the help of a real-life professional to navigate successfully.”

Can technology assist in the process of filing and managing a claim? Of course it can. But regardless of how beneficial technology can be, people still desire the comfort, empathy and responsiveness of dealing with other people like themselves in a time of crisis.

Consumers don’t need to deal with an agent when they buy or renew policies. The financial numbers for online insurers like Geico and Progressive make that abundantly clear. But the tradeoff is that they don’t have an advocate on their side when they actually need claims service.

Helping agents communicate this idea  to their policyholders – how they provide the people part of the equation when it’s needed most – should be a key component of any restorer’s agency marketing program.

My question to you is how is your restoration company helping the agencies in your market make their policyholders recognize the importance of having a real live agent on their side?

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