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Disaster At The Disaster Restoration Conference

Greetings (from Chicago!) BDA Blog Readers,

“You never know when disaster will strike”….A phrase used often in our industry.

Today was no exception!

As you may know from our previous blog entries, the BDA team has been anticipating and looking forward to this week’s Crawford Contractor Connection in Nashville, with a new booth experience for all our visitors and an overall excitement for this great show.

Here’s where you might note that at the beginning of this blog we said “Greetings from Chicago” (not “Greetings from Nashville!”).

As our BDA team was catching a quick breakfast before boarding our plane at O’Hare International Airport this morning, we got word about an unfortunate event from the Crawford Convention team and also our BDA clients who were currently in Nashville — disaster had happened at a disaster restoration conference.

A gas explosion at the convention center caused not only an evacuation of 5,000 guests last evening, but also a disruption to the Crawford Conference and Expo in several aspects, including the cancellation of the expo portion of the conference.

The BDA team decided to not board the plane given the circumstances, and and we headed back to BDA headquarters to take advantage of the two workdays that had appeared and tackle some client projects.

Firstly, the BDA team was relieved to hear that there were no injuries incurred. Also, we want to congratulate the convention management team at Crawford for moving so quickly in reorganizing many people and events within the conference. We know that an event like this was unexpected and out of their control, much like many disaster losses that homeowners, property managers, and yes, even restoration contractors themselves, can face at some point in their lives.

While you try to control many things in your life like your diet, your career, your relationships, etc., there’s just some things that are simply out of your control, like a nail in the middle of the road that deflates your tire, or in today’s situation, a gas explosion happening in the middle of your national conference.

A reason our team loves going to these types of shows is meeting various types of folks from different corners of our industry. And when it comes to restoration contractors, we enjoy having the opportunity to learn about how their businesses are doing. One thing we find with many of the restoration contractors we meet, is that while they want to grow their business, they are relying on growing their business using methods that include program work, weather, or maybe just of dash of good fortune here and there.

And while there are many ways that can add to the bottom line, these they are not predictable ways to grow your business.

That’s why our clients work with us and use “The BDA Way” to grow their business. It’s proven, effective and efficient. And because we are “in the trenches” with them due to our hands-on implementation approach, we are rewarded each day seeing their successes and growth.

Although we will miss being at the conference this year, we will be appearing at other conventions this year and look forward to seeing old and new friends. Keep up with the latest BDA events, monthly newsletter, or learn how The BDA Way can impact your business by visiting or calling us at 773-777-9956.

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