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The Best Way Ever to Meet Agents

Why is it that the most obvious strategies are so easy to miss? You can thank DryAdvise President and industry legend Dan Bernazzani for this one!

On every loss, train your estimator or lead techs or whoever responds and gets the job signed to make sure they also get the name and phone number of the policyholder’s insurance agent.

Get this information to your salesperson for follow up ASAP. Same day is ideal (depending on when the loss comes in) but make sure to do it no later than the next day.

Tell the agent that you are calling to let them know that you are working on a loss at one of their policyholder’s homes, and that you wanted to let them know about the loss and what was being done.

You will often find that the agent had no idea about the loss and that they really appreciate the heads-up to the opportunity to contact their customer. Ask for their e-mail address and tell them that you will upload pictures and keep them apprised of progress on the loss.

When the loss is completed, call to set up an appointment to review the project. Meeting with them face to face is the perfect opportunity (shameless self-promotion alert) to use a consultative sales process* to find out what headaches they may have that your company can solve.

But even if you don’t have this process at your company, it remains a fantastic opportunity to follow-up on the relationship you started, develop rapport and tell your story.

Oh, and if you get static from the adjuster, you can often just call the agent (now that you have the beginnings of a relationship) and ask questions like, “I thought the Smiths had coverage for this.” Get the idea?

This one is a no-brainer. Thanks Dan!

*What? You don’t have such a process in place? Contact us to find out about Sales Mastery for Restorers.

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