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Monday Marketing and Sales Tip: Treating Gatekeepers Properly(They’re Human Too!)

Dealing effectively with gatekeepers can make or break your opportunity to get to the decision maker. Remember, it’s their job to minimize disruption (I.E.: sales calls) to their boss’ day! They are dealing with screening numerous calls and sales people making in person visits every day. They have the ultimate responsibility of letting through only those people that will matter to their boss! Because of this, they also tend to deal with people who will treat them badly or poorly for not allowing access to the decision maker. It’s vital to remember that gatekeepers are human too, and need to be treated as such. And, you only have a matter of moments to sink or swim in your efforts to get to that all important decision maker.

Because we hire, train and manage sales reps across the country, we see how this lack of proper communication has caused business development reps to sink quicker than the Titanic when it comes to dealing with the brick wall that is the gatekeeper. Common sense to most? Yes–but you’d be surprised how often it bears repeating!

So, next time you’re up against a gatekeeper, remember to be polite and in your few precious moments with them, try to 1) address them by their name and 2) say please! A dash of courtesy and directly addressing them can throw even the crustier gatekeepers off their game, as you’ve now shown up differently from other sales people.

By adding this “human” touch and level of respect to the conversation, you have a greater chance of getting past them and even having them become your ally.

An example of this would be saying to the gatekeeper “Thanks Sandy, could you please let me know if Mr. Smith will be available to speak for a few moments?”

Gatekeepers are people just like everyone else–showing them that you recognize this and engaging them respectfully can go a long way by using these simple yet powerful communication techniques!

Want to learn more strategies for dealing with gatekeepers and improve your sales process overall? Click here to sign up for sales and marketing tips designed for the restoration industry!

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