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People Buy from People

We all have some special business relationships that become more than just business. Maybe you aren’t the closest of friends, but “friends” wouldn’t be an inappropriate description.

The bond is stronger than a simple buyer-seller relationship. There’s a lot of business and profit, but there’s also a lot of satisfaction on both sides.

You might think those relationships just happen. After all, since we all have them, and we didn’t do anything special to build them, they must just happen, right?

Wrong. If you confuse coincidence and causation, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity. Yes, those types of business relationships do “just happen,” but they also can be developed, nurtured and maintained, just like any other relationship.

The key is to understand that your prospects know you are there to “sell” and therefore set up defenses – barriers – to your efforts. You can break down those barriers by not “selling.” Rather, you consult; you learn about the prospect, ask what they want and why they want it – all before you start telling them about yourself.

That’s the cornerstone of the consultative selling process. And it all starts with understanding that people don’t buy from vendors or salespeople or any “thing.”

People buy from people.

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