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Attending RIA? Don’t Miss This Course! “The Science of Building a Super-Charged Sales Team”

Most owners of restoration companies have little, if any, direct selling or sales management experience. It’s no wonder then that building a high performance team of marketing reps is such a challenge. Many restorers report that their sales people seem busy but they’re just not sure whether their activities are actually contributing to the growth of the company. Or, if they are, how much more effective they might be.

That’s not surprising! In fact, most businesses in all industries do not have the necessary skill sets to build effective sales teams that can make a real impact on their organization’s growth and profitability.

This program will demystify the process of hiring great outside salespeople/marketing reps specifically for restoration contractors. The concepts, techniques and processes that will be shared are those that are being effectively used every day to generate millions of dollars in new business for restorers outside of program work, the weather and good luck.

• Learn The Science of Hiring Great Salespeople
• Understand Why Traditional Sales Hiring Processes Don’t Work
• Understanding of Crucial Elements for Sales Success
• Identify 5 Major Weaknesses of Salespeople
• Learn the Difference Between “Can Sell” vs. “Will Sell”
• Learn the Top 5 Responsibilities of Sales Management and Why All Sales Failures Are Failures of Sales Management
• Learn The Secrets to “Success Conditioning”
• Learn About A Superstar Sales Hiring System
• Develop Effective Job Descriptions and Set Compensation
• Managing Activities, Key Performance Indicators, Accountability & Red Flags
• Understanding the Difference Between Sales Models, Sales Processes and Sales Programs
• How to Accelerate and Build a World-Class Overachieving Sales Team

This course is presented by the President of Business Development Associates, Inc., Tim Miller. The course will be held at the annual RIA Leadership Summit & Industry Expo in Las Vegas, NV. You can see Tim speak on Wednesday, April 24th from 3:30-5PM. Click here for further details!

Four Qualities of Successful Salespeople

While each sales superstar has their own “it” factor, we find that there are four common traits that set superstars apart from the pack. This is true in sales reps across all industries, including the restoration industry both small and large in size.

These traits allow superstars to go above and beyond the normal rep’s achievements, often raising and setting the bar not once, but as they progress in their sales career and skills, the bar will get raised and reset many times.

The four superstar sales rep traits of Desire, Commitment, Personal Responsibility and Outlook are covered in the article, “Four Traits of Successful Salespeople.” For owners looking to hire outstanding sales reps, they can use these traits as one of many factors in selecting the right person. For owners of restoration contracting companies, it’s important to remember that hiring sales reps is different from hiring techs and the other positions in your company. Check out this previous article on “The Key To Hiring Great Salespeople” as well!

What challenges do you face when hiring sales reps? Let us know!

The Key To Hiring Great Salespeople

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” – Red Adair

Hiring the right person is critical to ensure you have a great return on the investment of time, money and resources that you will dedicate to this person.

And, when it comes to salespeople, you have to use a different approach when hiring because of the unique nature of this position. One bad salesperson hire typically costs three times the annual compensation of an average salesperson!

We would like to share this new article featured in Cleanfax Magazine’s online publication “Restoration Insider,” written by Tim Miller. “The Key To Hiring Great Salespeople” explores the topic of hiring a high-performance salesperson that will help drive the growth of your business and become an integral part of your strategy to grow from Point B to Point C!

Please click the link below to read the article, and let us know your thoughts!

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