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LinkedIn’s “Sponsored Updates”; Tips for Restorers on Content Marketing

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LinkedIn recently announced the addition of “Sponsored Updates” to their product suite, allowing members the opportunity to get their content in front of other LinkedIn members that are a match for the content of the update, even if those members are not following their company profile.

In the constant battle to win the content war, LinkedIn, much like Facebook, is offering another way for members to get their content put in front of the right people, and hopefully clicked on and read (while the social media giant makes a pretty penny of course, watching companies battle for market share via their platform).

Facebook, unfortunately, learned a hard lesson about going too far with using the personal information of their members for their former “Sponsored Stories” advertising product, ending up in a lawsuit that was said to be a potential revenue loss of $103 million. Facebook would then modify and re-market the same idea of paid advertising for content, slimming their 27 ad unit options to half the amount and making other modifications.

Done correctly and consistently, like any paid social media initiatives, the LinkedIn “Sponsored Updates” could be a great boost for companies as part of a larger integrated campaign for the product or services the paid update’s content is steering the B2C or B2B audience to. And, creating content that is compelling to the audience and speaks to their needs will always draw in higher click-through and conversion metrics.

As part of “expanding their content ecosystem,” LinkedIn’s new Sponsored Updates will allow for content to appear in the homepage feeds of targeted, prospective business partners or customers. Updates can be seen on both PC and mobile applications and will be marked as “sponsored” to the viewer.

For those purchasing the product from LinkedIn, you can choose either CPC or CPM pricing and track the effectiveness of the content through analytic tools provided by LinkedIn.

Tips For the Restorer:

By now, you have probably heard about content marketing and how it can help you boost your business. Creating viable content that keeps people watching your page, sharing your posts and hopefully, recommending and using your company’s services and products, is key to content marketing success. Be sure to share more than just about your restoration company–remember, it’s not all about you !

What do people really want to read about?

About themselves of course, and the things that affect them ! There is certainly a time and place to share content about your restoration company in your content marketing strategy-but be sure to engage and share things that your reader will find interesting. Instead of talking about the fact your restoration company performs mold remediation, share information about the dangers of mold in the home, for example. You’ll see your likes, retweets, shares and more start to improve!

And when your restoration company does great things, be sure to share that too. Did your company get involved in a community event? Did individual team members do something above and beyond? Share it! This is a great way to express your reputation-online!

And of course, be sure that social media is a piece of your overall integrated marketing plan, versus your only sales and marketing method! In today’s over saturated world of communications, restorers must have an effective strategy and accompanying plan utilizing several communication outlets to break through the clutter of communication in order carry out that strategy so they can predictably grow their business not only from a mass marketing perspective, but also through their 1:1 direct selling efforts.

If you’re a restorer looking to predictably grow your business, Business Development Associates might be the solution you’re looking for. Although we’re not a perfect fit for everyone, we’re helping many restorers across the country to predictably grow their business using a proprietary and proven marketing and sales system that generates millions in new business. For more information, call 847-386-6556 or email

LinkedIn Introduces “Endorsements”

For some time, LinkedIn has provided the opportunity for people to give praise and compliments to other individuals or companies by allowing folks to post recommendations to the individual or company profile page.

LinkedIn recently announced a new feature–”Endorsements.” This feature allows a person to comment directly on a particular skill or expertise listed on their individual profile. You can also recommend that person to list a skill that they might have not listed, but that you think they should!

And, whenever you are endorsed on your profile, LI will notify you via email. When word-of-mouth referrals are so important in today’s business, including that of a restoration contractor, here’s another great way to use your LinkedIn connections to be a cheerleader for you!

You can learn more about the new LinkedIn Endorsements feature here!

The 3 Most Forgotten Lines in a LinkedIn Profile

There’s a lot you can do with a LinkedIn profile, but it’s often the simplest things that are ignored. Case in point, the “Websites” item.

Most people add their URL in the box, as instructed, but use the default name for the link. “Company Website” doesn’t really do it, though, when it’s just as easy to put in your company’s name. Better yet, you can use SEO keywords, like “Water Restoration Experts.”

“Water Damage Experts” too limited for your? Well, that’s where the first of the three forgotten lines come in. You can have up to three links in the Websites section, and there’s no rule that they can’t go to the same place. So you can add “Sewage Cleanup Experts” or “Mold Remediation.”

There’s a 22-character limit, but otherwise, you’re free to use anything.

For both SEO and people clicking through, it’s better to have each link go to a different page: “water” to your water restoration page, “mold” to your mold remediation page, etc.

The third forgotten link is the link to your public profile. The link that LinkedIn assigns is hard to remember, for you and for people you may want to give it to. Fortunately, LinkedIn lets you customize that, too. You have up to 30 characters and, so long as it’s not already in use, you can use your company name or any other memorable, relevant word.

Restorers Adopting Social Media Can Gain a Competitive Edge

Social media is becoming an increasingly important marketing tool for restoration contractors, and those who take advantage of it can reap a significant competitive advantage.

While a successful social media program requires a sizeable time commitment, the returns can justify it. Social media lets you build relationships with people you normally wouldn’t get face to face opportunities with. There are no gatekeepers on LinkedIn or Twitter to keep you away.

We recommend our clients start their social media programs with a blog. It’s not always feasible, and you can participate in social media without one, but there are some real benefits to having a blog.

First and foremost, it gives you more relevant content for your Web site. That’s “relevant” both in attracting your target audiences and “relevant” to the kind of information a search engine looks for in ranking a site. Think of a blog as one of the quickest ways to attract and engage prospects while improving your SEO position, and that is often enough to justify having one.

Even more important to your social media marketing program is that everything you use on the blog can be used on other social media platforms. Just as a quick example, I could create a Tweet that says “A blog makes SMM easier. Do you have one?” and link back to this post. This increases the chances of your message being seen by someone who would get value from it.

Blog or no blog, though, there is one social media platform every restorer should be involved in: LinkedIn. Twitter and Facebook may get the press, but LinkedIn gets the business.

As important as homeowners are to a restoration contractor, it’s referrals from professionals that that really grow your business and LinkedIn is by, about and for business people connecting with business people. Participating opens up tremendous opportunities you can’t find elsewhere.

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