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The Impact of Emotional Discipline In Sales

As a full-service sales and marketing agency, we work closely with our client’s sales force. In that, we come across some similarities on why some reps succeed and some fail. For those that flame out, one commonality we see is how a rep can emotionally cripple their sale even before it begins and during the sale which could have been swaying towards closing the deal in the beginning.

This emotional “cripple” comes from a lack of emotional discipline. Sales is a tough job in the first place, and can be very wearing on a person’s psyche-if they let it. Self-defeating thoughts such as “What I have to say doesn’t matter”, “This call will probably result in nothing” and other similar thoughts contribute to the death of the sale. This negative emotion causes the rep to lack confidence, not listen actively and so many more actions that ultimately translate over into the sale. The prospect, who is on the receiving end of the communication and emotions being put forth by the rep, will then receive and translate all those emotions and actions as a weakness in the salesperson, or, perceive a lesser value or no value in the product or service being offered.

On the other hand, emotional discipline in a sales rep is important in regards to positive emotion. Being enthusiastic, visualizing success and having reaffirming thoughts can all translate into a more positive sales process and outcome.

To read more about how emotional discipline impacts sales, click here to read the full article written by Business Development Associates and Tim Miller, President of BDA.

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Video Tip: Latent Memory in the Sales Process

Understanding the role of Latent Memory in the sales process, and how the brain correlates to that of a computer, can open the doors to a meaningful sales conversation. CLICK HERE to see the video, hosted by Jeff Cross of Cleanfax Magazine and Tim Miller, President of Business Development Associates.

How Restorers Create “Cheerleader” Relationships

Join us for our free Webinar April 7, and explore the type of relationship building methods that reduce defensiveness and encourage the growth of powerful “Cheerleader” relationships that can dramatically increase the growth of your business.

Every restorer has a couple of these relationships now. Wouldn’t you like to understand how to create them at will? This Webinar can get you started!

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Free Webinar: Lowering the Drawbridge to Customer Relationships

Lowering the Drawbridge
Thursday, December 30th 10 a.m. Central Time. Click here to register.
This Webinar explores key relationship-building methods that reduce defensiveness and allow the establishment of the kind of powerful “Cheerleader” or “Promoter” relationships that can dramatically increase the growth and profitability of your business. Everyone has a couple of these relationships now. Wouldn’t you like to understand how to create them at will? Register Now!
This Webinar is part of the Sales Mastery for Restorers Webinar Series. If you can’t make this session, an additional Webinar is scheduled for Thursday, January 6. Click here for more information on the upcoming Webinars.

2011 Sales Mastery for Restorers Dates Announced

We’ve firmed up dates Sales Mastery for Restorers  program. The first session will be in January in Atlanta, followed by Chicago in May and September and finishing up in Las Vegas in November.

Sales Mastery for Restorers is a unique two-day program that teaches a powerful, real world selling system designed specifically for restoration sales people.

For those interested inthe comercial restoration market, the Weathering the Storm Commercial Marketing program will be held following each Sales Mastery for Restorers program.

Here are the dates:  

January 24-25, 2011
Atlanta, GA

May 2-3, 2011
Chicago, IL

September 19-20, 2011
Chicago, IL

Nov 28-29, 2011
Las Vegas, NV

You can learn more about Sales Mastery for Restorers and register on the BDA Web site.

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