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Upcoming Sales Mastery Course For Restorers: A New Way To Deliver Outstanding Results!

Business Development Associates, Inc. will be presenting “Sales Mastery for Restorers”, a one-day course that will teach show you how to increase sales by implementing a powerful, real world selling system that has been customized for the restoration salespeople and their targets! The course is hosted by Totally Booked University and Jeff Cross, Senior Editor of Cleanfax Magazine.

It has never been more important to maximize the ability of your sales team to deliver business. Most restorers agree that the average water loss is $3,000 with at least a 50% profit margin. That means that every sale you don’t bring in is costing you $1,500 or more! Plus, sales salaries and expenses add up quickly and you need to deliver a strong return.

Sales training isn’t new. But sales training designed from the ground up just for restoration contractor salespeople is! There is no other program like this available anywhere!

Now,you’ve probably sent your team to sales training events and they come back enthused, but the effect quickly wears off. That’s because training as an event always fail. Training as a process, however, delivers powerful, consistent and increasing results.

If you’re looking to grow your restoration business, you need a highly effective sales program in place. There’s simply no better or faster way for your company to grow to the next level.


Sales Mastery for Restorers Course-Click Here to Register!
Wednesday, August 7th, 2013
8 A.M.-4 P.M.
Cleanserv/Interlink Supply Classroom
Columbus, OH

This course will be taught by the creator and instructor of Sales Mastery for Restorers, Tim Miller, President of Business Development Associates, Inc. Miller is a highly regarded sales and marketing expert in the industry, and brings 30 years of experience and a unique perspective to help businesses solve their problems and grow to the next level. He is also a published author in several trade magazines, a featured columnist in Cleanfax Magazine and speaks at multiple industry events and conferences throughout the year, where he leverages his business experience in both the restoration industry and his other entrepreneurial ventures, including his own construction company in New Mexico.

Click Here to Register-Space is Limited!

How To Assume Without Assuming In Sales

Having the ability to know your prospect’s needs in a selling situation is important to not only retaining control during the sale, but it’s also vital to helping you prospect properly.

Asking assumptive questions, versus just assuming what their needs are, will help you communicate clearly and uncover the challenges you think they are having during the sale itself.

Assumptive questions (and the information that follows) combined with a unique value proposition will help you build a relationship that goes above and beyond just the services your company offers.

To read more about assumptive questions in the selling process, click here! Also, you might want to check out how Genuine Enthusiasm is crucial to the sales process as well!

If you are a restoration contractor looking for ways to predicatably grow your business, visit us at today!

Free Webinar: Why Most Restorers Are Not Driving the Growth of Their Business

Why Most Restorers Are Not Driving the Growth of Their Business
Thursday, March 24, 9 a.m. Central Time
Click here to register!

Restoration salespeople should be consistently conducting activities that generate new business.  Most aren’t, but it’s really not their fault! Why?

  • Most owners do not come from a sales background, let alone a sales management background, so they don’t know how to select, train, coach and develop salespeople. If you don’t know what to say or do, how can you expect your salespeople to?
  • Restoration salespeople often work hard and stay very busy doing what the boss told them to do, but are less and less effective in today’s very challenging market. They’ll even work harder and harder getting poorer and poorer results.
  • Salespeople are often missing a Sales Model, a Sales Process and a Sales Program. This means that they are easily blown off, misled and out of control—leaving them frustrated and not sure what to do next.

If these issues sound familiar, join us Thursday, March 24, at 9 a.m. Central Time. Click here to register!

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Communicating Value

You can sell as hard as you can, follow-up just the right number of times, answer all your prospects objections, take them to football games, buy them dinners, but you still won’t close if you don’t communicate value.

It’s not just a matter of showing how you’re different and better. It’s not a question of how you communicate that. It’s how that relates to the needs of your prospect.

That comes down to identifying the prospects pains and demonstrating how what you offer will relieve them. That’s the value you offer, and if you don’t find the pain, you won’t have the “translator” to communicate your value.

Risk and Reward

Anything new, any type of change, always implies risk. It may be as simple as whether to change brands of soup, or as complicated as choosing a supplier for property restoration. As different as those two situations seem, the decision for both comes down to answering one simple question: Is the reward worth the risk?

The key to understanding how people change is understanding that change most often happens only when the risk of doing nothing (leaving things the same) is GREATER than the risk of change.

For restorers trying to sign new customers, it doesn’t matter how great your drying equipment is, or how many certified techs you have on staff, or how many satisfied customers you serve. Until you actually make the sale and deliver on your promise, you’re an unknown. That is, you’re a risk.

So what reward do you offer that makes the risk or doing nothing greater than the risk of change? What pain does your prospect have that you can relieve?

If you find that, understand that and speak to that, you’ll close.

The Best Way Ever to Meet Agents

Why is it that the most obvious strategies are so easy to miss? You can thank DryAdvise President and industry legend Dan Bernazzani for this one!

On every loss, train your estimator or lead techs or whoever responds and gets the job signed to make sure they also get the name and phone number of the policyholder’s insurance agent.

Get this information to your salesperson for follow up ASAP. Same day is ideal (depending on when the loss comes in) but make sure to do it no later than the next day.

Tell the agent that you are calling to let them know that you are working on a loss at one of their policyholder’s homes, and that you wanted to let them know about the loss and what was being done.

You will often find that the agent had no idea about the loss and that they really appreciate the heads-up to the opportunity to contact their customer. Ask for their e-mail address and tell them that you will upload pictures and keep them apprised of progress on the loss.

When the loss is completed, call to set up an appointment to review the project. Meeting with them face to face is the perfect opportunity (shameless self-promotion alert) to use a consultative sales process* to find out what headaches they may have that your company can solve.

But even if you don’t have this process at your company, it remains a fantastic opportunity to follow-up on the relationship you started, develop rapport and tell your story.

Oh, and if you get static from the adjuster, you can often just call the agent (now that you have the beginnings of a relationship) and ask questions like, “I thought the Smiths had coverage for this.” Get the idea?

This one is a no-brainer. Thanks Dan!

*What? You don’t have such a process in place? Contact us to find out about Sales Mastery for Restorers.

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