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Three Simple Rules to Keep Twitter from Draining Your Life Force

Post first.

There’s only so much time available, and the first requirement is to feed the feed. So don’t get bogged down in reading tweets that have come in. Post before you read. Better yet…

Read later.

The reason to read tweets is to see if there’s anything to reply to, re-tweet or otherwise deal with. That means making decisions, and that’s not something you can do quickly if you want to do it properly. So set aside a half-hour a day, separate from any other activity, to read and respond to tweets.

Don’t reply unless you have something to say.

Yes, there are times when a pat on the back – or even an outright sucking up – is indicated. But very seldom is “I agree!” or “Great tweet!” a message worth the time it takes. It’s time you could be spending on meaningful tweets. Or getting re-acquainted with your family.

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