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# What is Satsang?

# Who is Tim & Why This Satsang?

# What is happens at Satsang?

Welcome to Satsang!

I have been called to start this satsang and if it resonates with you, if you are attracted to it, I hope that you will join us!

While there is a basic structure to satsang, I have no idea what it will ultimately be like, what will happen, what we will explore and learn and experience together. How exciting!

It is a coming together of people to form a sacred group or family (sangha) because we want to be supported in and be supportive of those that are doing their spiritual “work”, whatever that means to them. You can come and go as you please, there are no requirements of any kind, and there is no money involved. Take what you like and leave the rest.

Satsang is free.

I have thought about how to describe my role. I am no guru. And yet, I have wisdom to share and much to learn. Facilitator? Too antiseptic. Teacher? I have no curriculum to transmit. And so, I have come to the idea that we will share satsang together. I will operate as the focal point of the gatherings and then we’ll see what happens!

Next Satsang!

Live, In-Person Satsang
Zoom Satsang

There is no cost and no donations will be requested