What to Expect at Your Meeting

You’ll be meeting with BDA founder Tim Miller to explore the challenges that you have identified in greater depth.

Tim has a lifetime of experience in the restoration field and will help clarify your situation, provide insights and gain an understanding of the factors that are contributing to your challenges.

Tim will also share with you some of the strategies that we have used to help other restorers successfully address those same issues.

Together, you will determine whether or not it makes sense to go to the next step and set up another meeting to discuss specific solutions to what is standing in the way of achieving your objectives.

Restoration Business Consultant

A Gift for You!

You will also receive a special checklist that is only available to folks that attend these meetings. It is called “The 2022 Restorer Growth Plan Checklist”, which is a great tool to help you identify key areas of your business that may be getting in the way of the business growth and success you seek.

This exclusive document is only available to those that attend these meetings and have demonstrated a willingness to discover what is standing in the way of their growth and are willing to do something about it!

We will also make available to you every White Paper is our exclusive restoration-specific library—much of which is not available unless you are a BDA client!

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