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Mission Control For Profits

Mission Control for Profits

One of the most important objectives of any business is to maximize net profits. Without profits (and return on investment) no other objectives, business or personal, will be accomplished! 

And in today’s market, achieving net profits is more dif- ficult than ever given carrier and TPA price resistance, increased competition and a challenging economic and labor picture.

This means that restorers must continually work smarter and more efficiently to generate the kind of ROI that is ac- ceptable to them personally, to fund growth, and to build a great team based on competitive compensation.

The ultimate goal is to build a process driven business with proven, repeatable and documented processes and a management system that is used every day as a living tool (not sitting on a shelf) to train, evaluate, manage and run the business.

This engagement begins with a Launch Ready Diagnostic and your operation will be compared to BDA best practic- es by industry experts and a Star Chart will be developed that outlines the step-by-step processes that we will go through together to a) address current “mission critical” problems b) start analyzing, modifying and documenting your core business processes and c) building a management team and installing management processes that will eventually be used to run your company.

Restoration and Cleaning Consulting

This Engagement Includes:

  • Creation of Your Leadership Team
  • Agreed Upon Mission Critical Items Agenda (From Diagnostic)
  • Creation of Weekly (Metrics) Performance Scorecard & Monthly Financial Review
  • A Variety of Issues Will be Addressed According to the Diagnostic That May Include:
  • Margin Improvement (by):
    • Job Flow (Workflow)
    • Configuration of the Production Department
    • Internal and External Communication
    • Scoping/Estimating/Documentation
    • Improved/Outsourced Estimating
    • Negotiation and Collections
    • Job Closing/Billing Procedures
    • Sub and In-House Crew Management to Budget
    • Margin Accountability Between Estimators and PMs
    • Scheduling & Job Cycle Times
    • Project Management
    • Reduction in Variable Burden Costs
    • Managing Fixed Overhead Costs
    • Organizational Plan & Job Descriptions
    • Strategic Planning
    • Process Driven Business Development
    • Customer Service
    • Leadership & Professional Development
    • Exit Strategy