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BDA has been helping restorers grow their businesses and generate real wealth for almost 20 years! You’ll have a team of experts working for you and with you to turn your company into the kind of business you’ve always dreamed of running.

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Is “funner” a word? Well, it should be. Because there’s nothing funner than fine tuning a business that really works and reaping the rewards. Many of us, me included, spend most of our waking hours trying to make that happen.

Sometimes, it really isn’t fun. It can be downright worrisome, stressful, aggravating, frustrating, even scary. You know because we’ve both lived it.

Sometimes, business owners need extra capacity. To get some temporary help to do the things you don’t have the time to do or even learn how to do.

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At BDA, our Operations and Management consulting team can provide that extra capacity to help you create a process driven business. Here are the steps in that process:

    1. We conduct a diagnostic to really understand your current situation operationally and financially. If there are immediate fixes that need attention, we’ll get those addressed.
    2. We work with you to create your strategic plan. (You won’t believe how much better you’ll feel with a plan in place!)
    3. We create a budget to run the business by, so you know exactly what’s going on financially and when you hit break even (super-important for restorers!)
    4. We then help you build your management team and the processes for that team to run the business under your leadership. (Yes, you stop making every decision!)
    5. The management team then tackles the major challenges of the business, creating processes that they are therefore bought into seeing implemented. (No more creating processes that are never followed!)

That’s the broad strokes anyway. Every company is a little bit different, and the diagnostic tells the tale about what the next steps should be. But for 90% of the restorers we work with, it will follow the above steps pretty closely. 

So, would some additional capacity be beneficial for you?

If you would like to have a laid back “information only” call with me, John and Luke, (our Operations and Management consultants) just to get to know each other and discuss what’s going on in your business, let’s have a chat. No hard sell or anything like that. 

No matter what, you will leave the call with information you can immediately use whether we work together in the future or not. 

I look forward to speaking soon, and as a gift, I’d like to send you a free copy of John’s White Paper titled “Poor Organizational Structure is Hazardous to Growth of Your Company!”

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