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Heavy Life Compensation Program

Heavy Lift Compensation Program

Every revenue dollar after breakeven is more profitable by the amount of your fixed overhead that is now paid for. This means that the more volume that can be done at the same overhead, the more profits will be generated, typically by 25-35%!

But how do you maximize productivity?

The answer is employee engagement. And while leadership and culture are extremely important, so is compensation.

And not just compensation for the few—but for every member of your team!

If you can drive sales beyond breakeven, the result is a far more profitable year. And a smart compensation program shares that additional profit with the team with your net profit goal taken out first!

Everyone on your team will understand that the more efficient they are, the more work gets done, the higher the volume at the same overhead—the more money everyone will make.

Do you think that would make it easier to retain good employees and attract top performers? Would that be a fun company to run?

This Engagement Includes:

Current State Assessment (CSA)
The CSA provides an objective and impersonal review of a company’s current compensation plans and results for the last full fiscal year. The CSA enables the process for defining a company’s ideal compensation strategy.

Are You Ready? Online Course
This course provides an in-depth understanding of the Compensation Master system and software. It also reveals whether or not your financials are clean enough to utilize the software tool. If not, we’ll help you clean them up.

Coaching & Implementation
You select the program that works best for you with an expert compensation consultant who will help you model the various compensation models and select the perfect compensation program for your company.